NAC Patrons

Helen Serafinowicz, white women with dark brown hair, wears a dark woollen jumper. She's is looking off the side, holding a mug up to her face. She's wearing glasses.

Helen Serafinowicz

“I’m delighted to be a patron! I’ve seen all the greats at NAC. Elvis, Lady Gaga & Steps. All in one night. It was amazing. I’m told there’s no record of them ever playing there so it might have been a fever dream I had when I had Covid”

Helen worked at Cartoon Network and had a brief acting career before she dropped off the grid and plopped out two kids. During this breeding process she was inspired by her new world of motherhood and developed an idea, pitched it to comedy experts Sharon Horgan and Holly Walsh and BBC’s BAFTA winning sit com Motherland was born. She co-wrote Seasons 1, 2 & 3.

Helen also created CBBC’s ‘Nova Jones’ about an intergalactic pop singer and is currently writing a Nanny inspired sit-com.

Adam Buxton

“Everything that’s interesting in mainstream culture started life out on the fringes with people encouraging them and helping them develop. The NAC provides a friendly, well run and well resourced venue for that to happen as well as being a space for work that isn’t interested in the mainstream at all, but is often the most exciting stuff out there. If becoming a patron of the NAC plays a small part in helping all that continue, I’ll be delighted. And obviously I’m hoping for a throne with my name on it where I can sit and watch gigs sipping free cocktails.”

Adam Buxton is a British writer, performer and host of the Adam Buxton Podcast.

Louise and Rebecca of shit theatre embrace wearing matching wigs and glittery tops

Sh!t Theatre

We have been making work together for ten years and Norwich Arts Centre has been by our side the whole time. Becca grew up locally and used to come to the Arts Centre regularly for music gigs and it is still a thrill to get to perform there. We consider NAC our family and we are very excited to be patrons.”

Sh!t Theatre are multi-award-winner and double-hypen-users Louise Mothersole and Becca Biscuit.

Sh!t Theatre website

Roger Eno

“I have concertised and exhibited so many times in this architecturally unique,socially comfortable and acoustically/technically special venue over the last twenty five years that I now consider it ‘my front room’,so at ease am I there,and so welcomed.Thus,from my personal point of view this patronage will allow me to ‘give something back’ to a place that has given me so much-and if that is indeed the case I’ll be a happy man.”

Roger Eno is a British composer and musician whose distinctive style as a recording artist has attracted a cult following.

David Shenton stands in front of a Trans flag

David Shenton

“To be asked to be a patron of Norwich Pride and to be asked again, in the same week, to be a patron for Norwich Arts Centre.. Well! it’s the crowning glory of a lifetime’s hard work of being Arty and being Gay.  Patron is actually a bit gender specific for me.. I prefer the simpler form ‘TRON’.

What the Arts Centre has, something rare, is that ordinariness and freshness not usually associated with the ‘ARTS’ and all its pompousness.  I love the plain-speaking, diverse, non-binary, inclusive safe spaces of events like ‘True Stories Live, The Human Library, A Respectful Conversation, more than anything, where the audience is as important, if not more important than the speakers… but then again…I love the headiness of the glitzy glam of an over-the-top drag spectacular!”

David’s accolades are a successful life career as a cartoonist, especially in the queer press, and recently as a craftivist, sewing and knitting queer politics into items, quilts and scarves that have been shown and acquisitioned by museums.