Norwich Uni Student Placement


Norwich Arts Centre have partnered up with Norwich University of the Arts to offer short work placements to second year students as part of a new course Creative Professional Development. The aim of the course is to provide students with an opportunity to gain industry insight, develop employability skills, expand their network and build confidence in the workplace.

We have recently finished a 3 month placement with student Kirsten, read her experience blog…

“Hello! My name is Kirsten Miller and I had a 3 month work placement at Norwich Arts Centre. I had a split of working four days in marketing and an evening event each week so I saw a huge range of evening and daytime events throughout. Everyone welcomed me into NAC – I couldn’t have asked for a better place to be.

I came from Norwich University of the Arts Design for Publishing course so this was a great opportunity to learn about how events are organised and making posters for all types of music genres. It was a lot of responsibility with previously only having made work for myself, to then making things that the general public to see. It was a brilliant experience and I feel both more confident and challenged as a designer.

The people are what made my time at NAC really special. Chatting to everyone at lunch time and working together has created a close-knit team who complement each other well, which makes the day much more interesting.

From working the evenings, I now value more the work from everyone running the events and have a new knowledge and appreciation for different music genres. I have been able to experience gigs and live events that I probably would not have ever thought to go to if I had not been to NAC. One of my favourite evenings was London Afrobeat Collective, where their song writing, performance, and atmosphere of the room was amazing. And I will always remember the chaos of the Drag Pageant, the energy from BCUC and the lovely layered sounds of corto.alto.

During my time at NAC, I finished off a document for corporate sponsorships. I saw the process from near the start to the end so it was lovely to have developed it over the few months and it be pushed to the best it could be. I was happy to be able to have started off something that will hopefully be successful for NAC each year.”

Thank you to Kirsten for all her hard work, we really enjoyed having her with us!

You can see some of Kirsten’s work at the upcoming GradFest exhibition 14-20th June Undergrad Festival 

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