New LGBTQ+ play fundraising to get to Edinburgh Fest!


A brand new play by Charlotte D’Angelo supported by NAC, Disco D!ck is showcases this Sunday 7 July at NAC and is fundraising to get to Edinburgh Festival!

Written and directed by Charlotte D’Angelo, we are a student run production of the original cast of ‘Disco Dick’. We’re hoping to get the funding to be able to go to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this summer. Apart from being a completely independent and student run process, we’re hoping to share our LGBTQ+ story, overly theatrical acting and sometimes inappropriate comedy to a wider audience. We appreciate any donation, big or small, as all of it will help us on our journey to Fringe!”


We caught up writer and director Charlotte D’Angelo and producer Lizzie White to find out more….

Hello! Can you give us some background to yourselves and your work?
We originally performed with UEA’s theatre company, Minotaur but since our run last October, decided to take our show up to Edinburgh Fringe. Our play is a queer comedy written and directed by Charlotte D’Angelo, and as our tag line would say… is fun, gay, and a little risqué!

Tell us a bit about your upcoming play Disco Dick. What is the concept / themes?
Imagine your mum walks in on you in bed with your new girlfriend… yeah, awkward. Or your dad finding your new strap on… Disco Dick navigates the complexities of coming out BUT in a comedy.

Why did you choose to write about this subject?
Happy queer stories, especially those between women, are so rarely shown. We wanted an unapologetic story, one of queer pride with happy endings, where people will leave the room smiling and laughing. And I hope Disco Dick does just that!

How did you get the project up and running / what support did you have?
After our initial run with Minotaur Theatre company, it was the wonderful cast that pushed that we take it independently up to fringe. Their drive and passion for this project is what kept the ball rolling. From that, with wonderful support from the Norwich Arts Centre and New World Loyalty, we fundraised like hell to get this show on the road! It’s indeed very scary being such a small team, but the comedy in the play and communal love for theatre keeps our heads up.

What do you most enjoy about writing and performing a new piece of work?
I always start a play by writing the first scene. I always find that that’s when I’m first flowing with ideas and moments come to life with such newfound joy and inspiration. And of course brainstorm a title for ages and finally finding one that clicks (or in this case lights up) feels like the first success as a writer/director.

How are rehearsals going?
Rehearsals are a fine line between finding the energy for intense and high-speed scenes, to limiting the energy so that we aren’t just in fits of laughter at how silly we might look. As director, having a cast that’s invited to give suggestions and improv and their opinions on the script is so important, as they truly know their characters well, and each and everyone of them has a brilliant comedic spark.

What’s next for the play?
Edinburgh Fringe !!! Scary stuff.

Work aside, what do you like to do in Norfolk on a day off?
Trip to the beach (Cromer) if we’re feeling like a day out OR a good old fashioned wander round the city (grab a coffee and cake somewhere) then head off for a pub trip. A lot of cast and crew bonding has happened in our local!

What’s the best thing about living in Norwich / Norfolk?
The lovely city and the country side it is surrounded by. The city has so much history and interest but you can also lose yourself in a lovely walk through the Norfolk Broads.

10 Quick Qs with Writer Charlotte D’Angelo

Where did you grow up, and where do you live now?
I grew up in London and moved to Norwich for University.

Who is your biggest influence and why?
My friends, loved ones and teachers who cared for me at school. But right now? Maybe Chappell Roan.

What makes your work stand out from other creatives?
Steering away from the trope of period sapphic stories where they make eye contact once and then one of them dies. Let’s make it fun and raunchy and a little bit silly! And directing wise, I’d like this to be a good balance of play hard and work hard, making sure everyone has a good time without getting too distracted.

What makes you happy?
Love! Giving love and being loved and getting to be creative.

What makes you sad?
I recently rewatched the old Robin Hood Disney film with my brothers where they are all forest animals and it brought about the most lovely nostalgic wave of emotions.

What film, TV show, book or podcast have you recently
When We Were Friends by the Backseat Lovers is a brilliant no skips album.

If you could only own one musical album, what would it be?
Now this is a real question.  Confidently putting forward the Cabaret album.

What would your super power be?
Teleportation feels like a good choice.

What you’d be doing if you weren’t a writer / director?
Working with people or creatively! Working within therapy, with children or if I can’t let go of the directing leadership buzz, something management wise.

 Thanks Charlotte and Lizzie!

Disco D!ck showcases at Norwich Arts Centre on Sunday 7 July 7.30pm.

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