NAC co-commissioned show goes on tour


We’re pleased to say that a show co-commission by Norwich Arts Centre and Norwich Theatre Royal will be touring in October, visiting Norwich, Lowestoft and Great Yarmouth as well as the Soho Theatre in London.

CAMP! by Norfolk-based writer James McDermott is a new cabaret play which makes a song and dance about the media’s silence on the state-sanctioned anti-gay purges in Chechnya.

James is also hosting an accompanying series of workshops for aspiring writers, giving them the tools and techniques to help them generate stories, create characters, write dialogue and structure scripts around the theme of representing minorities in drama.

‘Representing Minorities in Drama’ workshop

More about CAMP!…

James was inspired to write the show after reading an article from queer online magazine Pink News about reports of state-sanctioned anti-gay purges in Chechnya.

Law enforcement agencies were using gay dating apps to entrap men suspected of being gay, kidnapping them, transporting them to illegally maintained interrogation facilities then beating, shaming and electrocuting them until they named other gay men they knew who in turn were then entrapped, kidnapped, imprisoned, tortured and questioned.

Enraged and devastated that this was happening, James was equally enraged and devastated that the anti-gay purges were receiving little if any mainstream press attention.

CAMP!, the show he created as a reaction explores the oppression of minorities in society by those in power.


Monday 14 October 7.30pm
Norwich Theatre Royal Stage Two

Tuesday 15 October 7.30pm
The Seagull Theatre, Lowestoft

Wednesday 16 October 7.30pm
St George’s Theatre, Great Yarmouth

Thursday 17 & Friday 18 October 4pm
Soho Theatre Downstairs