Making a stand against single use plastics


We’d like to introduce the new NAC bio bottle.

NAC bio bottle of stage

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Norwich Arts Centre is making a stand against single use plastics and moving to biodegradable reusable water bottles for all artists and customers. Manufactured in the UK the biodegradable bottles are eco friendly and BPA free.

The venue would usually get through approximately 125 bottles of water a week as part of a bands rider so with the introduction of reusable bottles we will reduce our single use plastic down by approximately 75%. We’re hoping that artists and musicians will continue to use these bottles on tour and thus reduce these numbers even more.

“We as a team have made some significant environmental changes throughout the building over the last 10 years and we feel extremely passionate about small changes our business can make to lower our CO2 impact on the local community and beyond. We know this is a small drop in the ocean but small steps are better than none.” – Bradley Glasspoole, NAC General Manager

Norwich Arts Centre have stopped buying and selling single use plastic bottles and all bands will get their own bio bottle to take on their travels. The first bottles were given to Brooklyn based art-rock band Bodega and were warmly received.

“We are very excited to get these bottles out there and being used by artists. We really hope they embrace the concept and use them throughout their tours. We have set up a hashtag and would love to see pictures of our bio bottles around the world. Tag yours at #nacbiobottle” – NAC Marketing Manager Kelly Robb

You can get yourself an NAC bio bottle directly from the venue on your next visit so you to can play a small part in the battle against single use plastics.

Norwich Arts Centre are currently fundraising for a regeneration project that will see the venue greatly reduce their carbon footprint through environmental changes to the building as well as some much needed improvements to accessibility.

DONATE HERE or by texting NACFORTY to 70085 to give £1 (or add the number 3, 5, 10, 15 or 20 to give those amounts). Texts will cost your standard message rate.