Liminal Creative presents Echoes


Our beautiful venue is part of a new audio experience, get your headphones on and head out to Norwich’s cultural venues…

“Liminal Creative are excited to launch their ongoing project as part of Norwich Fringe Festival 2021..

Experience the cultural venues of Norwich like never before, with an audio tour out and about in the city centre (all socially distantly of course). Participants are encouraged to take a moment out of their busy lives to reflect on what happens when we stop and really listen.

It’s free to take part in this project and you can do so at any time; check out the project website to find out how you can experience Echoes, in person, around our beautiful city.

Echoes is an audio experience which takes in five very different cultural venues across Norwich city centre. Using layered sound and music as a base for narrative, performers interweave storytelling with song and ‘sonic postcards’ to take listeners on a familiar yet otherworldly journey.

The piece examines our relationship to the places we might have previously taken for granted, imagining the stories of those who have passed through them.”

For full details of how to participate, please go to:

You will need an Near-Field Communication (NFC) enabled smartphone and a set of headphones to access this city centre audio tour.

Recommended route:
Start at St Peter Mancroft, then onto Norwich Castle, next head to Norwich Playhouse before making your way to The Bicycle Shop and finally ending up at Norwich Arts Centre. This is, of course, only a guide. You may wish to do it all in one go or break it up over a number of visits..

Echoes goes live from 4pm on Friday March 19th during Norwich Fringe Festival and will be available as an audio tour until the end of May.
Keep checking back for updates as we are working with BBC Voices to provide additional content and ways to listen over the next two months.

Using the venue links above, head to each location and look out for the black and white Echoes plaque which will be situated outside each building.
Echoes uses NFC (Near Field Communication) technology which means that bringing your unlocked smartphone close to the device will take you directly to the audio link.
You will first need to enable your NFC reader on your smartphone and you can find how to do this for Android here and for iPhone here.
Once enabled, scan the Echoes plaque by holding your phone near, then click on the weblink once it appears.
Have your headphones on ready, press play and off you go!

Due to the current restrictions and Covid guidelines, we would ask that people do not gather in groups outside the venues and practice safe, social distancing at all times.