Figs in Wigs Interview


Figs in Wigs are an all-female, five-strong performance company making work that is a unique mix of theatre, dance and comedy. We chatted to them leading up to their performance here with us next Wednesday 28 November. Often Onstage is an offbeat facetious romp that explores the ins and outs of theatre through the medium of dance.
Expect nods to the new, bows to the bard, blood baths and drag kings.

Figs in Wigs

Hello! Who are the Figs?

Sue, Saz, Al, Gam, Ports, plus technical wizard Sorch.
Where does the name ‘figs in wigs’ come from?
Back from a time when our mushy brains were still forming, aka 2010. We wanted something catchy and memorable that would stick in people’s heads. Little did we know that we would be incorrectly introduced and billed more times than we could count. Our favourite misspellings and malapropisms are: pigs in wigs, freaks in wigs, and fings in wings.

The eyebrows are consistent throughout your costume changes. Why is that?
Although it may come as a shock… they’re actually very inconsistent! Sometimes we have one, sometimes we have two, they regularly change colour and even texture. Our makeup looks are usually dependent on how long we have to get ready, which can range anywhere from 3 hours to 3 minutes.

You do a lot of things but one of them is dance. Do you go out dancing for fun?
Yes. We have a staff xmas party every year. Which just consists of us going out dancing. One time we got mistaken for the Bangles.

We like people to have a new experience at Live Art Club. What are you bringing that’s different?
We’re pretty sure we’re the world’s only all female Backstreet Boys tribute act.

Are you aiming for a certain reaction from your audience?
Primarily laughter. But all reactions are welcome.
Your work, in the past and in this show, explores ideas about what is good or bad in art and who decides what’s good. Do you feel you are getting closer to an answer?
The short answer is no, good and bad art is all subjective and everyone has different tastes and preferences. But we have discovered that as a general rule it’s more fun to do bad things very well, rather than doing good things very badly.

You have also talked of your love of Wetherspoons. We have four in Norwich; do you think you’ll have time to visit?
Of course! Porter, who is from Norwich, used to frequent the Glasshouse and the Bell Hotel in her misspent youth so we will probably go there for nostalgia purposes. It’s a travesty that they have got rid of the Sunday roasts though…a sad day for spoons lovers everywhere.

Catch Figs in Wigs live at Norwich Arts Centre on Wednesday 28 November | 8pm | Pay What You Can Afford. Book HERE