NAC work experience with Giovanni


“My name is Giovanni and I was lucky enough to do an 3-week work experience at the NAC. When I say ‘lucky’ I really mean it. The Art Centre was truly an incredible experience for me as a student and most importantly as an artist and overall creative person in this world.

I got to see the Norwich night life which was amazing to see from an outside perspective of a boy who‘s never been to the UK. I got to see so many different genres of music, some comedy and even dancing. Starting with an incredibly funny bit from Adam Buxton and his Bug show about David Bowie. As soon as I saw this I knew these 3-weeks are going to be mezmerizing!  A few days later I saw more performers giving their all on the stage of the Art Centre which was truly wonderfull to see.

One I‘ll always remember will be Sam Eagle, who also works at the NAC, his songs were really moving and I‘m very glad I got to see him perform.

But all the performances aside my favourite part about this work experience was getting to know the people behind the Norwich Arts Centre. Everyone was so welcoming from the start and always greeted me with open arms. I‘m so glad to have met the people here and how they were always eager to hear about my life and what I want to do with it.

Dancing along to songs from Cabaret with Nora and Kitt will be a memory I‘ll cherrish forever.

Thank you NAC!