General Manager & Head of Music Programming – Bradley Glasspoole

General Manager & Head of Music Programming – Bradley Glasspoole

Bradley started out working on the bar before becoming operations manager and now general manager.  He is Norfolk through and through (the accent gives it away) and loves the diversity and independence that the city of Norwich offers.  With a degree in business his job role includes building maintenance, licensing and legislations, programming, to Managing the NAC 40/40 Regeneration project.

Top 3 favourite NAC gigs:

GoGo Penguin & Mammal Hands (September 2014)
I never really liked modern Jazz but then something changed, maybe I just got older or maybe it just got better (or maybe both).  Two world class acts on the same bill in front of a packed house, what more could you ask for.

The Midnight Hour featuring Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammed (Mat 2019)
I saw it in the calendar and thought nah Adrian Younge is not going to come to Norwich and if he did it wasn’t going to be NAC, I was wrong.  One of the most amazingly set of musicians at the top of their game that I have ever witnessed.

Caribou (May 2008)
I have loved electronic music since walking in to woolies around 1992 and purchasing Aphex Twin Classics on tape.  However it’s not until you are in a club or a venue that it really comes to life, no more so than when Dan Snaith brought his live band and live visuals to us.  It was loud, electric, original and unforgettable.

Most likely place you’ll find him: Pottering in the garden or walking in the woods with his young family.