Box Office & Marketing Assistant – Ruby Pinner

Box Office & Marketing Assistant – Ruby Pinner

Ruby first became involved with Norwich Arts Centre during Sixth Form as a Young Communications Team member for Norwich Sound and Vision Festival 2017 and presented the Young Norfolk Writing Competition 2017 at the venue after winning the previous year. She studied Scriptwriting and Performance at UEA and loves working somewhere with so much creative history.

Top 3 Favourite NAC gigs

True Stories Live Haunted (October 2021): I came to this event the day before I started working at Norwich Arts Centre and it made me so excited to start my new job. It was such a unique and cosy way to spend halloween.

Peace (October 2017): I saw Peace whilst volunteering for Norwich Sound and Vision. It was the first proper gig I’d attended at NAC and was completely sold out. The energy was amazing and I was so excited to see one of my favourite bands.

Liv Presents The Monster Ball (Nov 2021): There was a really warm sense of community and fun at this event with lots of super talented Norfolk drag artists. It felt like everyone could celebrate their individuality.

Most likely place you’ll find her: Exploring the bric-a-brac at St Gregory’s or Looses Emporium.