Get the Toilets Done Campaign 40/40

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We’re heading into phase 2 of our 40/40 #NACregeneration campaign and have until Summer 2020 to raise our final 15k to get the toilets done!

Plans are to completely refurbish the women’s, men’s and access toilet as well as designing a brand new gender neutral toilet. YOU get to choose the space you feel most comfortable with.

We aim to have the toilets in fully working flushable order by September 2020 just in time for our 40th anniversary.

The Get the Toilets Done campaign features NUA graduate artwork by Liam Ashley Clarke, described in a recent Guardian article as “Political and funny”.

The campaign is a tongue and cheek take on the Brexit slogan with a Boris Johnson sketch asking you to “unleash the art centre’s potential” and donate. 

Look out for the artwork in our toilets and don’t forget the next time you spend a penny, donate a pound! 😉

Donate online HERE










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