WOW Norwich Sunday Day Pass 2018

Sunday 29th April 2018
9:45 AM

£12 | £8 concessions | 5-12 yrs £5 | Under 5's free (includes admin fee)


OPEN Norwich



We are now off sale but weekend or day passes will be available to purchase at OPEN on Saturday and Sunday from 9am. 


Women of the World Festival Norwich 2018

WOW Norwich Sunday Pass
9.45am – 5.30pm
at  OPEN, 20 Bank Plain, Norwich NR2 4SF




Join us for the first day of WOW – Women of the World festival, Norwich packed full of talks and debates, workshops, seminars and performances to engage, challenge and inspire.
Join us for a joyful and thought-provoking day at WOW Norwich.


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The WOW – Women of the World festival, founded in 2010 by Southbank Centre’s Artistic Director, Jude Kelly CBE, is now the largest women’s movement in the world, reaching over 1.5 million people in 23 cities across five continents.


Each WOW festival, made up of talks, debates, music, activism, comedy, workshops, mentoring, pop ups and major concerts, celebrates women and girls, takes a frank look at what prevents them from achieving their potential and raises awareness globally of the issues they face as well as creating possible solutions.


WOW – Women of the World Norwich 2018 is part of Southbank Centre’s expansion of its global WOW network of festivals to create nine new WOWs in five cities across the UK to mark the centenary of female suffrage in 2018. These nine festivals are being funded by Spirit of 2012.


Events on Sunday 29 April include:


Views on the News
OPEN Banking Hall
10am – 10.30am
Take a closer look at today’s newspapers with WOW, as the panel discuss what the headlines mean for gender equality.


The Problem with Politics
OPEN Banking Hall
10.30am – 11.30am
This panel takes a frank look at the barriers women face in their political careers and the ways in which women are engaging with politics. What are the obstacles they face in Westminster and beyond and where do women really sit on the bench?

Speakers include:
CEO Norwich City Council, Laura McGillivary, Chief Executive of West Midlands Council, Deborah Cadman,Jess Barnard, and Chief of Staff at the Women’s Equality Party and feminist activist Hannah Peaker.


Morning Yoga
OPEN Club Room
10.30am – 11.30am
Anna Yoga Wake the body and mind up right!
In this morning class we will be balancing, working on alignment and getting you ready for your exciting day ahead at WOW festival
Mixed ability class, there will be an option for everyone!

Instagram: @anna.yoga__
Facebook: AnnaYogaNorwich


Women and the Menopause: Overcoming the Taboo
OPEN Sovereign Room
10.30am – 11.30am
It’s time to stop the culture of silence surrounding the menopause. What are the myths that are fuelling the stigma?  Join our expert panelists as they talk through different approaches to living with the menopause.

Speakers include:
Eileen Bellot, Managing Director of ‘Reclaim the Menopause’ and retired Health and Social Care worker and current chair of The Garage, Maggie Wheeler.


Colour Blindness: Living in a White City
OPEN Crown Room
10.30am – 11.30am
As the landscape of Norwich’s population continues to diversify, our panelists discuss their experiences of racial and cultural othering whilst living and working in a predominantly white city

Speakers include:
Musician, marketing & public relations consultant, Charlene Katuwawala, artist Marcia X and former commercial pilot and founder of Spokeswoman, Enid Otun.
Chaired by ITV News Arts Editor Nina Nannar.


Under 10’s Feminist Corner
OPEN Shilling Room
Girls Session 11am – 12pm
Mixed Session 1pm – 2pm

Feminism isn’t just for grown-ups or teenagers! Are you a budding young feminist? Do you think girls should have the same opportunities in life as boys? If so, we’ve got the perfect session for you. Join other young feminists for an interactive workshop led by facilitators Dr Tori Cann and Dr Erica Horton exploring what being a girl means, and get tips on how to start a campaign in your bedroom.
These sessions are for children aged 6 – 10 years-old. Please note: these workshops are for young people only. To register your child for this session, please email ‘Under 10’s Feminist Corner’ in the subject field.


Speed Mentoring
OPEN Crown
12pm – 1pm
Do you have an ambition but don’t know how to make it happen? Young and starting out? Or older and at a crossroads? Join experts from across many fields including science, journalism and the arts for four 15-minute mentoring sessions. Share your challenges, exchange ideas and potentially identify a new mentor.
To sign up to be a ‘mentee’, please email putting ‘Speed Mentoring’ in the subject field of the email.


Pitch Perfect: Women and Sports
OPEN Banking Hall
12pm – 1pm
Society has led us to believe that women and sport don’t mix.” Anna Kessel from her book ‘Eat, Sweat, Play’.
After an introduction from Anna Kessel on her book this panel will open up a discussion about the barriers women and girls face when engaging with sport professionally, recreationally and at education level. Listen to stories from our panelists on how they are reclaiming sport and celebrating the self.


Speakers include: Anna Kessel author of ‘Eat, Sweat, Play’, Velo City Girl blogger and cyclist Jools Walker and Paralympian and Director of Team Insight Georgie Bullen.


Domestic Abuse Change: Coercive Control Workshop
OPEN Club Room
12pm – 1pm

Most people know that it illegal to physically abuse another person, but many people don’t realise it is illegal to control them. We will be looking at coercive control, what is it, and how it is possible for one person to control another. We will consider evidence that can be used to demonstrate control, and consider the question that we hear over and over again: “Why don’t they just leave?”. We will be having an interactive session, debating and debunking myths, and raising awareness that coercive control is damaging, isolating and often mistaken for love.

This is facilitated by Domestic Abuse Change Coordinators for Norfolk County Council. They train up professionals in recognising the signs of domestic abuse and equip them with skills to support victims/survivors. Domestic abuse affects everyone in society, either directly or indirectly and everyone has the right to live free from abuse.


Emotional Labour: A Woman’s Job, Who Cares?
OPEN Sovereign Room
12pm – 1pm
Why is it that caregiving often falls on women, be it motherhood, running the household, remembering birthdays or caring for a family member or elderly parent? Is it an unspoken expectation imposed by society that women have adapted to? Can and should women ever resign from this ‘worry work’?

Speakers include:
Stephanie Nimo, author of ‘Was This The Plan?, Helen Burgess from Age Space and Mother Like No Other local business founder and mother Becky Edwards. Chaired by Union Organiser Nadine Houghton.


Speed Mentoring
OPEN Crown Room
12pm – 1pm
Do you have an ambition but don’t know how to make it happen? Young and starting out? Or older and at a crossroads? Join experts from across many fields including science, journalism and the arts for four 15-minute mentoring sessions. Share your challenges, exchange ideas and potentially identify a new mentor.
To sign up to be a ‘mentee’, please email putting ‘Speed Mentoring’ in the subject field of the email.


Eyes and Teeth Darling!
OPEN Banking Hall
1.30pm – 2.30pm
With men at the head of the majority of media and arts organisations and women very often the victims of double standards, what is the current state of play for women in this industry? Have women’s roles in media and entertainment changed over the last few years and how can we promote further diversity and foster a spirit of alliance moving forward?

Speakers include:
Sink Ya Teeth lead singer, Maria Uzor, TV presenter Nina Nannar and comedy writer of hit BBC series ‘Motherland’ Helen Linehan. Chaired by Vanessa Reed, Chief Executive of the PRS Foundation.


WOW Whizz-Bang Science Show!
OPEN Club Room
1.30pm – 2.30pm
Join Dr Dee Enay from Mad Science Norfolk for a WOW Whizz Bang Science show! Suitable for Children ages 4 -11 Dr Dee Enay will demonstrate her favourite experiments and even involve brave volunteers. It will be a celebration of the achievements of great Scientists and Inventors that have paved the way for the next generation of Biologists, Doctors, Mathematicians, Physicists, Astronauts and more.


Women on the Move
OPEN Sovereign
1.30pm – 2.30pm
An inspiring panel of refugee women based in Norwich share their experiences of the challenges and triumphs of resettling in a new country. Chaired by Dee Robinson, founder and director of local charity New Routes Integration.

Speakers include:
Eden Kidane – Originally from Eritrea, Eden moved to Norwich in 2003. She is now an international interpreter, working on projects around the world.
Afrah Alwassiti – Afrah made waves in the Iraqi community when she came to Norwich in 2010. Known as the ‘Elizabeth Taylor of Iraq’, she was a renowned stage and film actress before being forced to flee Iraq and seek sanctuary in the UK.
Hero Abwbakr – Housewife with attitude, Hero arrived from Iraqi Kurdistan with no English; 10 years later, she’s putting her 5 languages to good use and training to be an interpreter.
Saeedeh Aryan – Saeedeh is an Iranian educationalist who has lived in Norwich since 2013.


WOW Bites
OPEN Crown Room
1.30pm – 2.30pm
Come along to WOW Bites for short talks, performances, readings and soapbox moments delivered by all sorts of women with amazing stories. Four speakers cover a wide range of subjects from the funny to the serious.

Speakers include:
Lex Barber, Project Co-ordinator for The Tricky Period, talks about how she is working to help solve Period Poverty throughout Norfolk and beyond.
Chrissie Sabberton talks about the work that she does with The Norwich Dandies, Nasty Women and Norwich Rising.
Debbie Sands discusses all things Woodcraft Folk, an organisation with equality and co-operation at its core.
Becky Edwards, successful business entrepreneur and social media blogger talks about her start-up business Mother Like No Other.


Hula Hooping Workshop
OPEN Banking Hall
2.45pm – 3.45pm
Hula hooping is a fun way of getting active and healthy. Not only will you get t, but you will also have a giggle whilst doing it! It gives people core strength, better balance, and is also good for the brain as you need to remember and coordinate new tricks. Norwich Hooping will be running a workshop, open to all; men, women and children. Come along, have a laugh and maybe become addicted to a new hobby.

Dysney Disfunction by Michelle Sewell, Hack Theatre
OPEN Club Room
4pm – 5pm
For Alice Marcs, happily ever after is just a visa away.
Alice’s visa expires today. She waits at a tube station on the way to the airport for Prince Charming to rescue her with the promise of a marriage visa and a fairy-tale ending. But as she waits, and still he doesn’t come, Alice is forced to consider having to leave a future she’s always dreamed of, to return to a traumatic past she fled from. Will Alice save herself, or will she keep waiting for her Prince?


Non-Binary, Trans and Intersex Women: Media Wars
OPEN Sovereign Room
3pm – 4pm
Non-binary, trans and intersex women are often either invisible or sensationalised in the media. Join our panelists as they examine these misrepresentations, why representation matters and discuss ways in which we can lobby for change and ensure all people are represented with accuracy, dignity and respect.

Speakers include: Donna Whitbread from Channel 4’s ‘My Transsexual Summer’, Sarah Cork from BBC’s ‘Queer Britain’ and local music teacher and activist trans-man Charlie Caine. Chaired by Katy Jon Went from Gender Agenda.


Mental Wealth
OPEN Crown Room
3pm – 4pm
Most people find it difficult to talk about their feelings because of stigma surrounding mental health issues; this can lead to further complications and a delayed recovery. Women in particular tend to express their emotional pain through self-harm. How does gender affect mental healthcare, why are women less likely to be taken seriously, and what can we do to challenge the stigma and change the status quo? Hear personal accounts from service users and survivors and join this discussion on how shame affects the way women approach their mental health.
Chaired by Ruth Taylor from Norwich and Central Norfolk Mind.


PROCESSIONS: Banner-making Workshop with Fiona Muller and Print to the People
OPEN Florin Room
10am – 1pm
Help make a banner inspired by the Suffragettes at this drop-in workshop for all ages. Participants are invited to join textile artist and facilitator Fiona Muller in discussions on what it means to be female, have the right to vote in the 21st century and what our future might look like. There will also be an opportunity to make and do with Fiona and Print to the People whilst creating parts of our large banner, including crafting, embroidery and letter press. No experience necessary.

This workshop is part of a larger mass participation artwork PROCESSIONS taking place in Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh and London on 10 June 2018 marking 100 years since the Representation of the People Act, which gave the first British women the right to vote. This is one of a series of workshops led by textile artist Fiona Muller to create a banner that will be part of a mass procession in London on 10 June to celebrate the fight for suffrage. Norfolk & Norwich Festival is one of a hundred organisations taking part in PROCESSIONS; a national project by Artichoke uniting and inspiring women from all walks of life in a celebration of what it means to be a woman today.
Workshops run from March to June 2018. Find out more at
True Stories Live Workshop
OPEN Florin Room
2.30pm – 4pm
We all have stories to tell but sometimes we just need a helping hand to make them flow. Drop in to our True Stories Live workshop and let us help you to discover and tell your true stories. The workshop will be led by Molly Naylor who is a well known writer and performer and compere of the regular sell-out True Stories Live events at Norwich Arts Centre. It will be free and fun. No writing or performance experience necessary. Arrive promptly at 1.30pm, first come first served.


Letterpress Poster Workshop with Print To The People
OPEN Florin Room
Drop-in: 2pm – 4.30pm
Get your voice heard! Use Print To The People’s collection of wooden type to make your own Letterpress poster and get your opinions out there!



Stephanie Nimo: Was This The Plan?
OPEN Banking Hall
4.15pm – 5.15pm
If someone had told Steph what life had in store for her that fateful evening when she walked into a pub in Canterbury and met the man who was to become her husband she would have run a mile! Life has thrown some unimaginable challenges Steph’s way but despite it all she has learned that with every experience her resilience and her capacity to keep moving forward
has been strengthened. Steph starting writing her blog Was This in the Plan? in 2008 and last year her book of the same name was published.
Steph very openly and frankly shares her story in order to inspire people to re ect on their own nite lives and what really matters in the end.


Pick of the Festival
OPEN Banking Hall
5.30pm – 6pm
It’s impossible to go to everything in WOW, so come and help WOW Norwich go out with a bang with special guests and voices from across the festival.



Women in Music Presented by PONY UP featuring Yassassin
OPEN Club Room
To close the festival at OPEN Club Room, PONY UP, Norwich Arts Centre’s new music club-night, presents a celebratory and inspiring line-up of women in music making waves nationally.
This event is not included in day and weekend passes. Ticketed separately.
£6.50 adv | £8.50 doors


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