Workshop: Design for publishing

Saturday 21st March 2015
11:00 AM



Norwich Arts Centre

Design for publishing and the art of the book cover

Saturday 21st March


£25, 18+


There’s a reason we all judge a book by its cover. It’s the first thing most people will see and know about a book. It’s the thing that first grabs the attention, provokes emotion and makes us want to read more. But getting the right cover is easier said than done – and getting the wrong one can cost you dear.
This workshop will go behind the scenes of cover design, looking at the process from the publisher, author and designer’s perspective. It will provide a guide to how to find the right artwork, how to find the right designer and/ or how to work from a publisher and author’s brief. We will talk through several covers from the initial concept right down to applying the final touches and how to make sure it is executed and printed properly. We’ll also have a play with a few new ideas for book titles  – and concepts you may have.

Along the way, we’ll also take a good look at market forces and the competing requirements behind every good design. Designing a good cover isn’t simply a question of coming up with a nice picture or even just looking good. The cover also has to sell the contents of the book – and do that to very specific and different sets of people. A cover that works brilliantly for serious, dedicated readers might work less well for casual browsers in a train station newsagent and yet all must be accommodated. The eventual cover is very often a compromise between an author’s vision, a publisher’s house style, the people at the book distributor’s who sell the book to shops – and, crucially, the book buyers in these shops. Very often, the bottom line on a commercial cover is what the person from Waterstones or WH Smith wants. Self publishers, meanwhile, have to ask themselves equally important questions about who they hope to reach and what will appeal to them. This workshop will help you on the way to answers.
The workshop will be led by Sam Jordison, co-director of Galley Beggar Press, author of several bestselling books and journalist at the Guardian.
Suitable for: Design students, creative writing students, published authors  writers who intend to self-publish, and anyone with an interest in artwork and advertising. 
In conjunction with the Galley Beggar Press exhibition.

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