Will Teather: Infinite Perspectives

24th June 2016
8th August 2016



Norwich Arts Centre


This exhibition will showcase a collection of Will Teather’s often uncanny paintings from recent years alongside the latest developments in his current project, “Infinite Perspectives.”

“Infinite perspectives” is a project that explores new ground in the depiction of space, blurring the boundaries between painting and sculpture. These are three-dimensional paintings on globes and unusually formed canvases.

The paintings employ an innovative type of inverted perspective, that gives a 360 degree view of a space – with both the perspective and the representation slyly shifting, depending on which point you look at them.

“The origins of this work lie in magical realism. A lot of my work deals the carnival-esque and a sense of the uncanny. It’s about creating extraordinary visual spectacles through painting. It’s about the relationship between the 2D and the 3D, and about creating something closer to the way we see. As a lecturer in drawing, I am also interested in contributing to our journey through art history to the present day, and see perspective as a fundamental part of that journey.”
British artist Will Teather is known for creating images that reveal a unique imagination combined with a mastery of traditional skills. He is the Visual Artist-In-Residence for Norwich Arts Centre. Having trained at Central St Martins and Chelsea College of Art & Design, his paintings have featured in over 100 gallery exhibitions and publications. He has received numerous grants, scholarships and awards, besides been a finalist in international art prizes such as the Celeste Prize and Cork Street Open Exhibition. He has been Artist-in-Residence for venues including the Arts Student League of New York, Aberdeen Arts Centre and the Anteros Arts Foundation. His work is held in public and private collections, including the City of Aberdeen, Aude Gotto Collection & Modern Artists Gallery. He is currently an Associate Lecturer at Norwich University of the Arts.


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