Will Teather: Alternate Realities

13th July 2016
24th September 2016



Norwich Arts Centre


An exhibition co-curated by Artist-in-Residence, Will Teather, and Norwich Arts Centre, that explores artist’s inner worlds.
Teather brings together some of his favourite works by his artist peers, with a focus on journies into the unknowable within contemporary realist painting. Exhibited artists include Richard Wathen, Nicola Slattery RBA, Richard Wade, Nicholas Denney, Sarah Beare, Chedgey and Ernst Nicol.
Teather says: “I enjoy painting’s almost limitless ability to provide alternate realities, something that is only tempered by the counterfeit nature of that reality. This seems comparable to the inherent artifice that one finds in the realms of theatre and film that many painter’s draw inspiration from. Many painters enjoy staging scenarios like a director and teasing out the narrative potential of a scene, with mood and atmospherics often preoccupying the decision-making.This sleight of hand in faking a reality often brings a wonderfully uncanny quality to the work. ”

Alternate Realities is displayed on the balcony gallery at Norwich Arts Centre, viewing by appointment only. When an event is taking place, the gallery is open from 7pm for ticket holders only.
Contact boxoffice@norwichartscentre.co.uk for a viewing appointment.

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