Where We Begin to Look: Landscape & Poetry

11th January 2014
3rd April 2014



Norwich Arts Centre

Where We Begin to Look: Landscape & Poetry

Saturday 11th January – Thursday 3rd April 

Water, sky, earth, coast. No landscape exists out of context: like anything else, landscape is as subject to the effects of time, culture, power, ownership and ecology as it is to its poetical, historical and gendered constructions.

Where We Begin to Look is a collaborative exhibition by the artist Zoe Benbow and the poet, Deryn Rees-Jones. Benbow’s pictures, many made in situ, are the products of her engagement with the landscape – the weather, the shifting light and contours of which she becomes a part while drawing. By juxtaposing these works with a range of poems by British and American women such as Charlotte Smith, Emily Dickinson and Sylvia Plath  all of which have been selected by Rees–Jones, important questions are asked about the relationship between, and the construction of, the female self and the natural world.

Where We Begin to Look is presented in partnership by the Poetry Society and Small World Theatre, Ceredigion, with additional assistance from the University of Liverpool. It was first exhibited in the Poetry Cafe, Betterton Street, London, in January 2013, and subsequently toured to Organic House, Hebden Bridge and the Glass Tank at Oxford Brookes University. The Glass Tank exhibition was organised in collaboration with the Oxford Brookes Poetry Centre.

Exhibition Reception and Poetry Reading 4-5.30pm Saturday 8th February 

Image: Zoe Benbow, Forest of Dean Yellow (Oil on canvas  107x92cm)

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