TARDIS 2016: Different is…

2nd June 2016
18th June 2016



Norwich Arts Centre


‘Different is…’ is a collaborative exhibition showcasing work by pupils at Chapel Break Infant School. The TARDIS (Thinking Artistic Reflective Dialogue Imagination Studio) is a unique experimental and innovative learning environment. Time in the TARDIS is spent developing a range of skills including speaking & listening, debate & discussion, thinking skills, social skills and independence of thought. Art is used to visually articulate these skills, allowing knowledge and experience to be built upon beyond the usual classroom setting.
Each group of pupils aged between 5 & 7 begin their philosophical enquiry by finding key concepts within stories, artworks, short films and quotes, and then developing a set of questions to consider, discuss, debate and wonder about. Pupils experiment with a variety of materials, processes and tech- niques to create these outstanding paintings, sculptures and mixed media. Artists such as David Hockney, John Virtue, Damien Hirst, Chris Ofili and Rene Magritte are just a few who have influenced the children’s artwork. They used their wildest imagination, their most radical creativity and strongest courage to produce a conceptual artwork based on the ideas formed from the philosophical enquiry.

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