Stuff In My Pocket

9th April 2014
3rd May 2014



Norwich Arts Centre

Stuff In My Pocket

Mark Farquharson

Wednesday 9th April – Saturday 3rd May

Monday-Friday 1-5pm, Saturday 10am-6pm (10am-3pm on Saturday 3rd May)


A series of 12 images, from the photographer, Mark Farquharson.


These photographs, from his personal projects, are of stuff he collects when walking in the countryside, the coast or even just pottering about in the garden.


“The theme in itself is simple.

You see a stone, a leaf, a feather – whatever – for some reason that’s the one you must take home. You like its shape, intricacy or texture.

Or maybe you’ve just never looked at this object in that way before – close up.

And so, these things end up at home, put in “the jar” or window sill; in your collection.

But your imagination is involved in this possibly innate and certainly primitive action, of collecting tokens. Your imagination is the work of the mind that helps create. We can often look at these apparently simple objects and be fascinated by how alien they look or just be amazed by their complexity.

Significantly though, a theme that runs throughout my work is that of memory. As my own memory, dramatically decreases, these images become a physical and pictorial aide memoire to these observations and recollections.

However they are more than just objects or stuff: it just comes down to the pleasure of enjoying these apparently simple things that can so easily be underestimated.”


Stuff In My Pocket

(Simple, Imagination, Memories, Pleasure).


Mark graduated as a Bachelor of Art in Photographic studies at Napier University, Edinburgh, 23 years ago. He is an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society and is currently the managing director of the photography company “marxphoto LTD”.


PHOTO: Sea Weed

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