Sonic Youths’ SALON! #11, 11am

Saturday 21st September 2019
11:00 AM

Free | Limited Spaces


Norwich Arts Centre


#opportunities All musicians aged 14-19 and members of our #SonicYouthsFam are invited to join us at SALON! #11 for free advice to help build your profile while networking to build a community!


Whether you’re making music for fun or have your eyes on endless world touring it’s never to early to get involved with industry experts PRS for Music: Stuart Belsham spills the beans on how his organisation represents music-makers like you to ensure you reap rewards from your creations.


Fresh from their triumphant first DIY UK headline tour, #SonicYouthsFam members and queens of the feminist riot grrrl punk scene Peach Club share their tips for making the dream a reality and keeping motivated as an emerging act.


We’ll have our usual free hot drinks and biscuits plus a selection of exclusive special offers!


Everyone’s welcome to stay for our Sonic Youths v6.9 showcase, which starts at 1pm, with donations requested to show your support for our new members of Norwich Arts Centre’s #SonicYouthsFam because everybody deserves to be paid for playing. No question.


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