6th November 2010
23rd December 2010



Norwich Arts Centre

6th November – 23rd December 2010


In 2007, Robert Hillier designed and developed ‘Sylexiad’, a series of typefaces produced for the adult dyslexic reader. Hillier’s research employed a series of comparative typeface testing techniques concerning legibility and readability aimed at targeted reader groups (including dyslexic readers) to establish data that informed the design of the Sylexiad fonts. In order to accommodate a range of reading preferences, Sylexiad was designed in thin and medium weights that included serif and sans serif versions. Sylexiad has been featured in the design magazines ‘Novum’ (May 2008) and ‘Étapes’ (July 2008) and a peer-reviewed paper about the research was published in ‘The Journal of Writing in Creative Practice’ (2008). The font has been included as part of the ‘NEVERODDOREVEN’ exhibition at The Serpentine Gallery in London that explored the dyslexic persons ability to think divergently. The typeface has also been used by the Graphic Design course at Norwich University College of the Arts for course documentation including project briefs, correspondence and notices.


Since 2009, Hillier has been using Sylexiad as part of a series of large-scale typographic prints loosely titled ‘List Landscapes’. These prints have two functions. Firstly, they act as contemporary ‘samples’ by showing the versatility and range of Sylexiad both as a text typeface for the ‘List’ images and as a decorative display typeface used in the ‘Garden Birds’ images. Secondly, the prints explore the progression of time, memory, place and space. The ‘List Landscapes’ take the form of lists on specific subjects or activities that have featured in Hillier’s life. The cumulative effect of which is of someone dismantling their life into a series of tallies. The prints exhibited are mostly typographical and show some of the 200 images produced in the series. The prints draw on influences as diverse as the landscape painting of The Norwich School of Painters, (particularly John Sell Cotman, John Crome, George Vincent and Joseph Stannard), and the typography used in the design of war memorials (particularly The Cenotaph by Sir Edwin Lutyens).

Robert Hillier is a Senior Lecturer and teaches Graphic Design at Norwich University College of the Arts.

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