Mark Wernham

4th June 2009
4th July 2009



Norwich Arts Centre

Mark Wernham: Stills from the unmade film of a half-finished novel

4th June-4th July 2009

While working on his second novel, Mark Wernham started to imagine the scenes he was writing as if they had already been made into a film. As he is also a photographer, it was only a small leap of imagination to make a series of still images as if they were scenes from this yet-to-exist film. He started planning the photographs while he was writing the novel, and this exhibition is the result; a conflation of literature, photography and film.

The novel the exhibition springs from is called Jefferson Greenspan Saves The World? and concerns itself with time travelling air-conditioning salesmen in the 1960s battling it out among themselves for the future of Planet Earth.

Mark’s first novel, Martin Martin’s On The Other Side is published by Jonathan Cape/Vintage. It was described by The Guardian as a ‘dark and brilliantly funny satire’ and was shortlisted for the 2009 Arthur C Clarke Award.

The exhibition can be seen online at




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