Long Exposures and Ghost Houses

12th March 2010
24th April 2010



Norwich Arts Centre

Picture: Anthony Carr

Long Exposures and Ghost Houses

Friday 12 March – Saturday 24 April 2010

Norwich Arts Centre is pleased to present the work of two contemporary photographers, whose current work investigates location.

Anthony Carr is a London-based artist. His work is often project-led, with photographic series produced as a direct response to a particular location or situation and much of his recent interest has been in capturing images taken during extremely long exposures. Typical exposures can last from anywhere between a few weeks to several months.

Melanie Menard is based in Cambridgeshire. Her ghost house series was shot at several abandoned houses in Kerry and Connemara, Ireland. Traces of the occupants’ lives and aspirations, and of the disillusions and hardships that made them leave their homeland, remained in the form of scattered personal belongings.

Picture: Melanie Menard



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