[Live] Art Club: 30 Bird

Tuesday 20th May 2014
10:30 PM

£7.00 : £5.00 concessions


Norwich Arts Centre



Domestic Labour: A Study in Love by 30 Bird


‘Dobrowolski’s wizardry lets us see the homely and banal in magical new ways’ – Maddy Costa


‘Beautiful imagery with hoovers and a truly original narrative’
‘Thank you so much for your show – it is fizzing in my mind!’
– Audience members

War, bicycles and the withdrawal method.
A love story; a love story between a man and woman, East and West, about the mundane and the monumental, the personal and the political, the dust behind the bed and the Iranian baby boom.

A love story told through the nitty gritty of daily life – the rituals of cleaning revealing stories about past girlfriends, marriage, Islamic law and Brigitte Bardot  – as the ‘man’ and his absent wife negotiate the very domestic battle over who does the washing up.

An inter disciplinary performance piece in which writer Mehrdad Seyf and visual artist Chris Dobrowolski reinterpret not only the physical functions of everyday household appliances but the power games of equality.
Darkly humorous and visually rich Domestic Labour highlights the absurd details of our daily lives and their resonance within the wider world.

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