Katherine Mager: Objects and People

1st May 2009
30th May 2009



Norwich Arts Centre

Katherine Mager: Objects and People

1st-30th May 2009

My photographic practice began with my home and family and has recently moved towards an interest in the belongings that occupy and travel between domestic spaces. My current work explores the relationships people have with their possessions. I like the idea of objects being alive and how an object can have an atmosphere – the sense that an object or belonging has multiple layers of memory from the many places it has inhabited and the many owners that have possessed it.

“Time and memory merge into each other; they are like the two sides of a medal. It is obvious that without Time, memory cannot exist either. But memory is something so complex that no list of all it’s attributes could define the totality of the impressions through which it effects us”

(Andrey Tarkovsky, Imprinted Time, Sculpting in Time, p.57)

These trends in my work have led me onto the idea of dwelling and how it can mean a place where someone lives as well as a pause and a thought or dialogue that goes on for a considerable length. I am drawn to concepts of the perception of space and how you can become absorbed and lost within a real and imaginary space at the same time.





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