Glyn Brewerton: Drawing Journeys



Norwich Arts Centre

Glyn Brewerton: Drawing Journeys

2nd-28th October 2009

The drawings in “Drawing Journeys” by Glyn Brewerton, document the spiritual homeland and associated haunting memories of the artist, which portray the passage of time and the traces and marks that human beings leave on the landscape.

Inspired by drawing on location the work on show embodies the notion of “Leading Lines” coined by John Ruskin. A term to describe the lines in a drawing ‘that embody in their very formation, the past history, present action and future potential of a thing’ (Tim Ingold 2007).

Glyn is currently subject leader in Illustration at Norwich University College of the Arts, and a practitioner in Illustration and drawing practice. He has exhibited nationally and internationally in exhibitions including the Jerwood drawing prize, Drawing Breath at the Fundicoa Lugar De Resende in Porto, and the Association of Illustrators Images Best of British Illustration exhibition.




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