Defending the View

30th April 2010
5th June 2010



Norwich Arts Centre


An exhibition by Dominic Allan, Stephanie Elliott, and Dominique Rey.


Dominic Allan

Dominic Allan returned to Great Yarmouth in January 2009 to construct a portrait of Britannia Pier. Re-visiting Great Yarmouth, a popular holiday destination from Allan’s own childhood, the artist sought to re-create an archetypal British seaside postcard image of a town such as Great Yarmouth through his own image, as artist not heady day-tripper at a time Britain was being plunged into a national recession.


Stephanie Elliott

Stephanie Elliott presents photographs from her recent series ‘Through Glass’, which explores the limitations of sight and objectivity. Ultimately, any view is a product of the seer’s expectations. Wooden frames and glass panes solidify the ever-present distance between object and viewer.


Dominique Rey

Dominique Rey has looked at views of and from Second World War British and German coastal defence bunkers, exploring connections between the structures as utilitarian sites of military observation, concrete-shells that protection against death and their potential role as hide to the voyeur. Each image is a formalized point of view, looking out or looking in. The view is often fixed through a defence ‘loophole’ or gun embrasure, but always watches over now idyllic-seeming, peaceful landscapes and on what lies unseen beyond the horizon.


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