Claire Hind & Gary Winters: In Dreams You Are Mine

12th May 2016
28th May 2016



Norwich Arts Centre

Thursday 12th May – Saturday 28th May

Monday-Friday 1-5pm, Saturday 10am-6pm

Private view: Tuesday 17th May 6-8pm


Claire Hind and Gary Winters make artworks across different media. They collaborate on live performance pieces for public space, theatre and gallery, make Super 8mm film shorts, alongside limited edition prints and boxed archives that slip between documentation and artefact.

This exhibition presents a selection of work from the last 3 years. The large photographs reflect a creative writing project; producing a series of neon lights in wild locations across the North York Moors – establishing a provocative pop-up installation witnessed by an incidental audience mainly at sunrise or sunset.

In other work, the public were invited to donate images and written descriptions of their dreams – the ones that wake you up in the middle of the night or disappear in an instant in the morning; ones that make you feel strange for the rest of the day or for years to come, or the ones that mean nothing.

The set of prints use handwritten and drawn images of the dreams, together with others created in fragile and outmoded Letraset.

Claire and Gary will present a unique walking tour as part of Lord Mayors Celebration on 1st, 2nd, 3rd July; a tour that will use a growing archive of dream accounts from the residents and visitors of Norwich. If you would like to contribute a dream account of your own, please ask at the information desk for a dream donation card.
The exhibition will move to the bar area between Monday the 30th of May and Saturday the 9th of July.


Claire Hinds & Gary Winters website 


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