Bill Vine: ATV01/ATV02

Saturday 29th March 2014
11:00 AM



Norwich Arts Centre

Two sound art events by Bill Vine, in Norwich Arts Centre’s auditorium.

ATV01 Installation: 11am-3pm

ATV02 Concert: 12.30pm


ATV01 and ATV02 are works created using modified black and white televisions repurposed to function as musical instruments. ATV01, an interactive sound art installation, asks audience members to engage with the TVs and explore their behaviour, so that each individual instrument comes to function both as part of a larger, combined instrument, and also as part of a TV Orchestra. ATV02 is presented as a lunchtime concert, with the TVs arranged more closely to a traditional orchestra. The audience will sit to watch the performance, but will also form an integral part of it.

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