Anita Corbin Visible Girls: Revisited

Wednesday 7th February 2018
1:00 PM



Norwich Arts Centre

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Wednesday 7 February – Wednesday 15 March 2018
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The original photographic series, Visible Girls by Anita Corbin portrayed the search for identity; the street-level self that was part of a tribe bonded by music, fashion and politics.
36 years later, Corbin’s Visible Girls: Revisited has called those original Girls back together, viewing those changed women through a modern lens.

As a 22-year old photographer in the early 1980s, Anita Corbin was driven to ensure that a generation of young women were represented in a photographic genre that was almost entirely dominated by men.

Mods, punks, skinheads, rastas, young lesbians, rockers – young women everywhere were defying the mainstream, flying the flag of their individuality in clearly defined tribes characterised by music, fashion, geography and sexual orientation.

Corbin wanted to capture the spirit of these women and the significance of their unity in a portrait series depicting pairs of friends, sisters and lovers in subcultures.

The images toured the country to great acclaim in the 1980s and beyond, making a notable re-appearance on the social website in the summer of 2014 when Corbin herself had reached her mid-fifties.

She had found herself wondering what had happened those girls – who would also now be in their fifties – and their dreams, hopes and aspirations.

All of a sudden after a 33-year hiatus, the women started reappearing and contacting Anita, reclaiming their Visible Girls status’.

As a result, Visible Girls Revisited was a born, a growing collection of double portraits of the same girls – now women – 36 years later.


These images return with a story – the story of the lives of British women, their hopes, their experiences and their relationships. The trajectory of every one of them a means for us all to consider our own identity and what it means to be a woman in the 21st century.


This compelling photographic exhibition comprises both the ‘then’ and ‘now’ portraits and will travel the UK for the next three years.Many of the original Visible Girls will be actively involved as ‘project ambassadors’ when the show visits their home city.As the show travels and more Visible Girls are found, images will be added.





Visible Girls Revisited website



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