A Love Letter for Alan Cooke

18th October 2014
20th December 2014



Norwich Arts Centre

A Love Letter for Alan Cooke

A project by Michael James Lewis

Saturday 18 October- Saturday 20 December

Opening hours: Monday – Friday 1-5pm, Saturday 10am-6pm (except 1 November)

Private View: 5-7pm Friday 17 October: all welcome. Refreshments kindly provided by Norse. 


A Love Letter for Alan Cooke is an examination of architectural heritage. Across Britain, buildings of the 60s and 70s are being demolished or threatened with demolition. If we are not careful, we could erase an entire period of architectural history from the fabric of our cities. While some may consider this erasure a good thing, the implications of demolition are irreversible and should be carefully considered.


Buildings of this era are often victims of neglect, caught at a precarious threshold between the recent past and the realm of preservation. They can easily become symbols of our collective frustrations and thus our understanding of them can become so distorted that we fail to recognise their formal qualities and instead confuse the buildings themselves for their political or cultural associations. The buildings can thus become lost beneath layers of misplaced resentment.


This series of drawings and films attempts to reflect on these issues through a study of Norwich’s Anglia Square, itself under threat of demolition. The project is an argument that we should consider this erasure critically and an invitation for a wider public discussion about how we treat our architectural heritage. 


Michael James Lewis website


A Love Letter for Alan Cooke from Michael James Lewis on Vimeo.

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