[Live] Art Club: Meta-eX

Saturday 24th May 2014
11:00 PM

Pay what you can


Norwich Arts Centre


Date: Saturday 24 May

Performance Time: 11pm

Artist: Meta-eX

Location: Auditorium

Price: PWYC


Meta-eX – Live Coding. Live Synths. Live Music.


Meta-eX is a live coding duo: improvising with code to weave immutable data structures into ephemeral sounds.

As they riff with their code, projected live in front of their audience, the system responds instantly to their whim.


Not relying on pre-recorded material, Meta-eX define, evaluate and manipulate their code live. This gives them an immense level of control and power to perform. From intimate ambient sets to pulsating club nights, Meta-eX opens a new future for live electronic music.

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