Galley Beggar Press and the art of the book cover

19th March 2015
25th April 2015



Norwich Arts Centre

Image by Maddison Graphic


19th March – 25th April

1-5pm Monday-Friday, 10am-6pm Saturday


Norwich publisher Galley Beggar Press showcase the designs – and the talented designers – behind their distinctive identity and a good part of their success in their award-winning first three years.

“Galley Beggar Press is an independent publisher from Norwich. Our aim is to be an old fashioned publisher for the 21st Century. Old fashioned because we believe in the beauty of books and the printed word, in the importance of nurturing authors and paying serious attention to editing. 21st Century, not just because that’s where we are, but because we also believe in the fantastic potential of ebooks to reach new audiences, to spread our writers’ precious words around the world and to revive and revitalise books that would otherwise either be out of print or lost on the backlist.”

Look out for our workshop on Saturday 21st March. Details here.


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