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One-To-One tuition

Darkroom tuition is available if you need some help developing your negatives and using an enlarger. Sessions are detailed below, and due to the small space, can only be for one person at a time. All sessions must be paid for in advance.

To arrange a session, please contact us using this form:


Darkroom Tuition

Please specify a few preferred dates. This will need to be confirmed by the tutor and NAC, so please allow at least 48 hours notice.
Sessions cost £60 for two hours.
Please specify which course you are interested in: 1. Black And White Film Processing, or 2. Creating A Straight Print From A Negative
You may take a course without becoming a member, but you will need to join if you want to use the darkroom after your course.



If you have little or no darkroom experience then one-to-one tuition is available, delivered from a fully equipped darkroom at Norwich Arts Centre.

Learn the fundamentals of film photography and darkroom developing in three sessions.

The courses are suitable for complete beginners or as a refresher course and aims to be both practical and creative. 

  1. Black And White Film Processing
  • Overview of the types of films available ‚Äď the benefits and disadvantages of each.
  • The darkroom – tools and equipment, health and safety.
  • Getting your film safely from its canister and into the developing tank.
  • Mixing the chemicals, and developing times for your film.
  • The three stages of film processing ‚Äď developing, stopping, and fixing.
  • Evaluating your negatives. Troubleshooting and considering improvements.
  • Storage and disposal of chemicals.
  • Making a contact sheet print of your negatives.

Please Note: Participants will need to shoot a roll of film and bring the exposed roll on the day.   It is possible to hire a camera from the tutor for a day if needed, and/or to receive tuition in film camera functions and settings. Please bring some resin coated paper to make a contact sheet print.


  1. Creating A Straight Print From A Negative.


  • The darkroom ‚Äď tools and equipment, health and safety.
  • Overview of the different types of printing paper.
  • How the enlarger works.
  • Choosing a negative to work with.
  • Setting up your baseboard.
  • Making a test strip to determine exposure.
  • Darkroom chemistry and the three-stage wet tray process ‚Äď develop, stop, fix.
  • Storage and disposal of chemicals.

Please note: This session only covers the printing of images from already processed film. It does not cover the topic of film processing itself. Sample negatives are available if needed, although participants are encouraged to bring their own 35mm or medium format negatives. We supply all the equipment and print chemistry. Please bring your own resin coated paper.



Weekdays 1-5pm, evenings 7-9pm (during box office opening hours) or Saturdays 10am-6pm

£60 for two hours

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